Quality Dental Plan

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Our dentists and team at Dentistry by the Bay are proud to offer our Quality Dental Plan at our dental office in Petoskey, Michigan.

This dental plan is an annual dental savings program we offer for families and individuals, and it allows all of our Quality Dental Plan patients to receive quality dental services at reduced prices in our office. Unlike conventional insurance plans, with this savings plan, there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods to begin treatment. Quality Dental Plan benefits and savings begin immediately upon registration.

Benefits included each year (with no additional costs):

  • Routine teeth cleanings (up to two per year)
  • Scheduled dental examinations (up to two per year)
  • All recommended X-rays
    Emergency exam during normal business hours (up to two per year)
  • Fluoride treatments if recommended (up to two per year)
  • Take-home whitening dispensed once a year, if appropriate for patient

    The value of the above benefits is $525 to $918, depending on what X-rays are taken, if fluoride is applied or any emergency visits are needed.

Patient savings:
  • 12% savings on all dental procedures done in-office
  • 10% savings on all in-office dispensed products, except electric toothbrushes (we sell these to patients at our cost)

Benefits for patients with periodontal disease:
  • If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease and gum therapy (scaling and root planing) is recommended, the 12% savings will apply to the cost of that treatment.

  • If you have been treated for periodontal disease, a periodontal maintenance, not a routine cleaning, is recommended to help prevent further bone loss. A routine cleaning will not be sufficient for your oral healthcare needs. The routine cleaning benefit (included in your Quality Dental Plan) will be applied to the costs of your periodontal maintenance cleanings twice a year. The difference between the fees for the periodontal maintenance cleaning and the routine cleaning have been factored into your registration fee. The fees for any additional periodontal maintenance cleanings have been reduced by 12%, factored into your registration fee based on frequencies.

The Quality Dental Plan fee is $359 for one individual, and periodontal fee depends on recare intervals. All Quality Dental Plan fees are due and payable by check, cash or credit card at the time of registration and are nonrefundable when services have been provided. Savings duration is for one year from registration date.

All patient portions for services are due at the time the services are performed (at the first appointment, if multiple visits are needed for the procedure) in order to receive the Quality Dental Plan benefit and are nonrefundable.

Any unused services within your Quality Dental Plan year are not transferable to another patient, and the yearly benefits are not carried over to the next year once the membership anniversary date has been reached.

Interest-free payment plans of three-, six- or 12-months duration are available upon request and with approved credit through CareCredit® for dental services other than what is covered by the Quality Dental Plan fee.

If an appointment is missed without giving our office proper notice, the fee charged will be 25% of the services for that appointment. Of course, we understand if an unexpected emergency occurs. Please notify our office at least two business days in advance if you must change your reserved appointment.

Fees charged are not membership fees, and all fees paid are for provided services only. The fee paid for our Quality Dental Plan program is for included services and represents a courtesy accounting adjustment for payment, made in full, at the time of services.

Quality Dental Plan Limitations and Exclusions:
  • Patients cannot use their dental insurance benefits or other dental coverage in conjunction with any part of the Quality Dental Plan.
  • Conditions or services covered under Workman’s Compensation or Employer’s Liability laws.
    Services unable to be completed due to the patient’s medical or mental health or due to noncompliance with patient’s recommended course of treatment.
  • This plan covers the services provided by Dentistry by the Bay. If you are referred to a specialist (periodontist, endodontist, pediatric dentist or oral surgeon), their service will not be covered under this Quality Dental Plan.
  • Excludes all MedSpa services

We work with CareCredit® for third-party financing, and you can apply or learn more.

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