How To Know When It’s Time to Get Dental Dentures

Are you wondering if you need dentures? 

While many people are convinced that dentures are primarily for elderly individuals, they are actually good for people of all ages. It all comes down to the state of your teeth and gums, along with any particular symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Keep reading to have a better understanding of why – and when- most people typically go for these detachable replacement teeth.

Signs That You Need Dentures

Think you need dentures? You probably do if you’re experiencing the following: 

  • Toothaches. A terrible toothache can indicate that deterioration has set into a tooth’s pulp. Unfortunately, when teeth are extensively impacted and left untreated, dental treatments may not be enough to save them. Dental decay and accompanying tooth pain can arise from a variety of causes, such as an existing issue or the result of sickness or disease.


It could also be due to poor dental hygiene and that’s why it’s critical to see your dentist twice a year for regular examinations and professional cleaning. For instance, periodontitis can be mitigated if it’s discovered quickly since early detection allows your dentist to develop a treatment plan for avoiding tooth loss.

  • Gum irritation. An existing set of dentures can chafe against the gums over time since they rest along the gum line. Redness, pain, and bleeding are indication that you need a new set of dentures.
  • Chewing issues. All types of dentures are intended to make chewing easier, particularly with tougher textures such as those of fresh vegetables or meat. 


denturesTooth sensitivity can also indicate a condition that requires support dentures.

  • Losing one or more teeth. Let’s say you’ve previously lost one or more teeth, and now you have an impacted or broken tooth that must be extracted. For most people, a single missing tooth isn’t a significant concern. 


However, missing more might place abnormal pressure levels on the remaining teeth, giving way to other issues.

Dentures could be the most practical and cost-effective choice for replacing them to prevent teeth from shifting as well as other similar difficulties.

  • Hiding Your Smile. A missing tooth can make you feel less confident, especially about smiling. Dentures can restore your teeth and thus your smile, and enable you to face the world with confidence once more.

Dentures Aren’t Just for the Elderly

Dentures are just like natural teeth that demand proper maintenance and attention. Complete or partial dentures typically survive for many years if properly maintained. However, if your jawbone shifts and requires that some teeth be extracted, your dentures will likely need to be adjusted accordingly for better comfort or fit. 

Dentures can assist you in acquiring both the appearance and performance of a complete set of strong, beautiful teeth. Here at Dentistry By the Bay, we are well-equipped to customize the right dental plan for you, along with advising you on how to make the most out of your results. 

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