Moxi™ is a cutting-edge skin renewal treatment that offers a remarkable solution to correct uneven pigmentation, enhance skin tone, and improve texture. This non-ablative procedure uses fractionated laser energy to create micro-coagulation zones within the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. These zones are then replenished with fresh, healthy cells, resulting in a renewed and rejuvenated appearance. Moxi™ delivers impressive tonal and textural improvements to your facial skin with minimal downtime, making it a convenient skin renewal option for individuals seeking a quick and effective solution.

Moxi™ treatments are well-tolerated by most patients. Your practitioner may use cooling air or numbing cream for your comfort. Results vary depending on your goals, and you may notice redness and tiny micro-dots after the treatment. They slough off in 3-5 days, revealing refreshed skin. Post-care is easy: wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure. You can apply makeup after 24 hours. Most individuals receive 3-4 treatments initially and opt for maintenance sessions. For radiant and renewed skin, book your appointment with Dentistry By the Bay in Petoskey, MI, today and experience the power of Moxi™.

Benefits of Moxi™


Moxi™ is suitable for correcting uneven pigmentation, improving skin tone and texture, and achieving a revitalized appearance.

Results may vary, but you’ll typically notice improvements within days as the skin heals and renews.

The duration of the results depends on individual factors, skincare routine, and environment, but they usually enhance skin texture and tone for an extended period.

Moxi™ has minimal downtime, with some initial redness and roughness that typically resolve within a few days.

Your practitioner will provide specific instructions after the procedure, but avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen to protect your skin and enhance the treatment’s results is essential.

During the treatment, fractionated laser energy will create micro-coagulation zones in your skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing process and leading to skin renewal.

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