SkinVive is an innovative dermal filler designed to hydrate skin, improve texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike traditional fillers that add volume to specific areas, SkinVive delivers microdroplets of hyaluronic acid to the outer layer of the skin, enhancing hydration and giving a refreshed appearance. This treatment can target areas such as cheeks, lips, and neck, providing a smoother and more radiant look. It is an excellent option for those looking to improve their skin without altering facial structure.

SkinVive in Petoskey, MI, is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their skin’s hydration and texture. Candidates include those with dry, dull skin or fine lines looking for a non-invasive solution. In most cases, results are seen within a few days of treatment, and they last for up to six months after that. With minimal downtime and side effects, it’s a convenient option for busy lifestyles. Book your appointment with Dentistry by the Bay in Petoskey, MI, today!

Benefits of SkinVive

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A good candidate for SkinVive is someone looking to improve their skin’s hydration and texture without adding volume to their face. Ideal candidates include those with dry, dull skin or fine lines.

You can typically see results within a few days after the SkinVive treatment. The skin will appear more hydrated and radiant.

The results of SkinVive can last up to six months, depending on individual skin type and care routine.

SkinVive involves minimal downtime and side effects. In most cases, individuals can return to their normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Before the treatment, ensure your skin is clean and free from makeup. After the treatment, follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner, such as avoiding excessive sun exposure and using gentle skincare products.

A microdroplet of hyaluronic acid will be injected into your skin during the SkinVive treatment. The procedure is quick and involves minimal discomfort, providing a supercharged boost of hydration for a refreshed look.

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DermaFuse® is a cutting-edge skincare solution powered by its unique Ionfuse™ Technology, carefully designed to work harmoniously with the body’s natural biology. This innovative treatment uses low-level electrical currents to transform the skin’s lipid bilayer, creating microchannels in a safe and controlled manner. These microchannels facilitate the passage of molecules to the skin without causing any damage. DermaFuse® is a versatile treatment option that can address various skin concerns, making it suitable for a diverse clientele.

This advanced skincare solution can effectively treat various body areas, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks. It is suitable for individuals looking to enhance the appearance and texture of their skin without resorting to invasive procedures. While results may vary from person to person, many clients can expect to see visible improvements in their skin’s condition within a few weeks of treatment. The best part is that these results can last an extended period, making DermaFuse® a long-lasting solution for radiant and rejuvenated skin. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of DermaFuse® firsthand, book your appointment with Dentistry By the Bay in Petoskey, MI, today and discover the effects of this innovative skincare technology.

Benefits of DermaFuse®


DermaFuse® is an effective solution for individuals who want to address fine lines, wrinkles, and scars without invasive procedures.

Visible improvements are typical after just a few weeks of treatment, although individual results may vary.

The results of DermaFuse® are long-lasting, providing you with rejuvenated skin for an extended period.

DermaFuse® generally has minimal downtime and few side effects. Consult with your provider for personalized information.

Before DermaFuse® treatment, follow pre-care instructions such as avoiding sun exposure and specific skincare products. After treatment, maintain a gentle skincare routine and protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. Your provider will offer personalized guidance for optimal results.

DermaFuse® treatment uses electrical currents to create micro-channels on your skin. It allows beneficial molecules to safely pass through and improve your skin’s condition.

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